About the Artist

bBeth Collette, having spent her youth surrounded by artists and other creative influences, set her sights on design during college at Oswego State University in New York. In 1988 she earned her bachelor’s degree in fine art with an emphasis on graphic design, jewelry & metals and photography. From Oswego, she moved to New York City where she began her career in graphic design. During her first four years in the city, she worked in a private studio as an assistant to three prominent designers, Jack Tom, Daniel Pelavin and Lorraine Louie. She will forever be in debt for the experience and wealth of knowledge she gained there. She then spent the next two years as a graphic designer for the company Def Jam Records. However, recognizing her passion for jewelry making, Collette spent her off time establishing her own jewelry business using beads as her primary medium. Her beaded jewelry was carried in shops from New York to Florida and was often used in photo shoots and videos for recording artists. In search of a milder climate and closer proximity to her family, Beth moved from New York to Florida in 1994.

She migrated to the southwest coast where she furthered her craft by learning how to fuse and slump glass by a local glass artist. “I have been creating fused glass for quite a few years now and I feel that I have found my niche” says Collette of the process she is so fond of.

“I design and create fused glass jewelry and accessories in my studio on the southwest coast of Florida in Fort Myers.

bbMy studio was an old boathouse that we converted into a workshop a couple of years ago. Every piece I create is individually hand cut, assembled and fired in one of my kilns at a temperature of 1400-1500 degrees. Every piece is unique as the colors, shapes, sizes and types of glass vary with each creation. I use different types of glass in my work… transparent, opaque, iridescent and lots of dichroic. Dichroic glass has become very popular over the last few years. It is made by coating clear glass with thin layers of metal oxides in a heat and vacuum process. The color of dichroic changes as you view it from different angles… it reflects one color and transmits another, which is what gives my jewelry the brilliant luminous colors that you see!”

“The endless possibilities in working with glass keeps the creative wheels in my brain turning and my passion for the art of jewelry design flowing” bbb


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